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White Night

Venue: All Over the City

Admission: Free

Oct 30th 2010 - Oct 31st 0000 18:00:00 - 06:00:00

Venue Details


White Night is an all night free cultural festival that marks the end of British Summer Time by encouraging artists, venues and audiences to do something different in the middle of the night. This year the theme is Illumination, and the special events created for the BPB2010 and Photofringe celebrate photography as a medium of light and
democratic art form: encouraging the audience to play within the themes of the exhibitions in different and unexpected ways.
Brighton Museum & Art Gallery: young curators create a series of events and happenings in response to themes and images of the exhibition. 6pm – 12pm

Lighthouse & Basement: play host to Dark Passage where visitors can explore their own alternative sexualities and transgressive yearnings. 8pm – 3am

Fabrica: celebrates the city at night, through portraits of the city’s night workers and the
invitation to capture unique but everyday views by phone, camera, or pencil. Artist led tours illuminate the city’s forgotten icons of street furniture and functional paraphernalia. 8pm – 2am

University of Brighton: an aural exploration of darkness through ‘ear-films’ in the theatre and a sonic garden in the quad. Music from South America will accompany the exhibition. 8pm – 2am 

Opening Times

6pm - 6am 

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery: 6pm - 12am

Lighthouse & Basement: 8pm - 2am

University of Brighton: 8pm - 2am