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 Litter Bins. Courtesy of the University of Brighton Design Archives.

Joeseph Heinrich Darchinger, Wirtschaftswunder. © Archive of Modern Conflict

Jose Emilio Fornaris, Men in Hats. © Archive of Modern Conflict

Aeroplane Interiors. © Nick Gleis. Archive of Modern Conflict

© Lee to Sang, Babies & Children. Courtesy Van Zoetendaal Gallery

© Autoportrait, collection of Martin Parr, Brazil, Fortelaza. 2008

Photo Paintings from North East Brazil © Collection Titus Riedl. Courtesy of Nazraeli Press

The Corinthians. Archive of Modern Conflict

BPB Curated: The House of Vernacular

Dates: Oct 2nd - Nov 28th 2010

Venue: BPB at Fabrica

The House of Vernacular is an installation of dreamlike architecture within which seven diverse collections of vernacular photography by commercial and non-professional photographers from around the world are intimately located:

• Photo Paintings from North East Brazil collected by Titus Riedl.
• The Corinthians featuring amateur American family snapshots, 1947 to 1974. Archive of Modern Conflict.
• Litter Bins from the Design Council Picture Library, 1950s and 1960s. University of Brighton Design Archives.
• Wirtschaftswunder by Josef Heinrich Darchinger (DEU) worked for the Social Democratic Party of West Germany and himself , during the cold war period. 
• Aeroplane Interiors showing the luxury of African dictators’ private jets, 1960s and 1970s. This selection includes a series of images taken by Nick Gleis. Collected by Archive of Modern Conflict.
• Men in Hats, street photographs from Bogota. Archive of Modern Conflict.
• Babies and Children portraits by commercial photographer Lee To Sang, 1970s and 1980s.

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Comments (4)

Oct 18th 2010 - Caroline molloy

I found the curatorial choices for the house of vernacular fascinating, and the consideration to presentation an interesting addition to viewing the work. Is there a catalogue for the house of vernacular?

Oct 1st 2010 - Barbara

So excited about seeing this exhibition!

Sep 24th 2010 - Roland

What does Vernacular mean?

Sep 22nd 2010 - Photo Fan

I had never thought about litter bins as designed objects before. This looks very interesting!

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