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© Molly Landreth, Ronni and Jo, Seattle, WA. 2005

 Zoe Strauss, Vanessa, Philadelphia, PA. 2008

BPB Curated: Queer Brighton

Artists: Molly Landreth & Zoe Strauss

Dates: Oct 2nd - Nov 14th 2010

Venue: BPB at Lighthouse


New work by Molly Landreth and Zoe Strauss.  For the exhibition, Queer Brighton, both photographers visited Brighton & Hove during Brighton Pride week in early August, 2010, to document the visitors, residents and LGBTQ communities of the city.

For her first commission in the UK, entitled ‘Brighton: 08/05/10 – 08/11/10’, Zoe Strauss produced a series of images that reflect upon the diverse and culturally eclectic constituencies of the city. She describes her approach to the commission, as ‘an American lesbian’ visiting Brighton & Hove during Pride week and producing images of the city as a whole.  All of the portraits made for ‘Brighton: 08/05/10 – 08/11/10’ are strangers to Strauss, and were made during a first meeting in the street.

American photographer, Molly Landreth, investigates the intersection of Queer culture and national identity through snapshots as well as intimate formal portraits.  ‘Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in Brighton’ is an invitation to take a closer look at the lives and identities of LGBTQ individuals who represent themselves in iconic locations around Brighton & Hove during Pride week.  The resulting work builds on her current project, Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America.



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Comments (5)

Nov 13th 2010 - Tess

i went to see this exhibition along with three others, this included some amazing pieces. i really enjoyed these images.

Sep 30th 2010 - chelle

Sounds great!

Sep 5th 2010 - kam

cnt wait to see this !!

Aug 24th 2010 - Mrtn

wish I can come

Jun 15th 2010 - Tony

Looking forward to this.

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