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Related Programme: Frauke Materlik

Dates: Sep 20th - Oct 24th 2010

Venue: Related Exhibition at Aspex Gallery

In 2009 Frauke Materlik was Art Space Portsmouth's first International artist in residence and will be returning to the city in September 2010 to produce new and ambitious mixed media installations at aspex, the Old Guard Rooms in Gunwharf Quays and Boathouse 4 in the Historic Dockyard.

Since 2002 Frauke Materlik's has been producing work as artist and landscape architect, creating ephemeral, site specific pieces in sculpture photography and new media. Frauke's work deals with subjects such as loneliness, anonymity, neighbourhoods, the border between reality and fiction. Her inspiration comes from experiences and observations made during time spent by the coast and out at sea.

'I'm drawn to traces of use, the beauty of decay and abundance, and the often intriguing juxtapositions between the man-made and nature. Earlier trained as landscape architect, I see my artwork as intervening and communicating with its surroundings.' Frauke Materlik

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